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Valley Surgery Center works with patients as well as most insurance providers. Your benefits will be coordinated at Valley Surgery Center before any procedure is scheduled. Think you’re out-of-network, or don’t have insurance? Consider the below information and call Valley Surgery Center with any questions:

Out of Network

  • Valley Surgery Center is committed to delivering the best surgical care without red tape, long waits, or unnecessary payment stress. That’s why we don’t get tied up in the restraints required by in-network policies. Many other healthcare providers and insurance providers refer patients to Valley Surgery Center as a preferred out-of-network provider.
  • However, this doesn’t mean we don’t maximize the insurance you may have. It just means we don’t contract with specific health insurance providers. Most insurance policies offer out-of-network options (i.e. PPOs), which give patients the added perk of being able to see surgical centers that aren’t “in-network.”

Benefits of Out-of-Network

  • It’s common to pick a comprehensive insurance plan for flexibility and the ability to choose a healthcare provider or facility based on quality of care—not insurance restrictions. When you pay a premium for this benefit, you enjoy freedom and more choices.
  • Your doctor(s) referred you to Valley Surgery Center because our quality of care is what you deserve. Out-of-network benefits often include avoiding costly, long hospital stays while enjoying premium devices and the best care teams in a more comfortable environment. Such top of the line resources, like those at Valley Surgery Center, aren’t offered at all in-network centers.
  • Valley Surgery Center chooses to remain out-of-network to take advantage of flexibility, too—as well as optimizing patient treatment. This means our administration can customize its needs, and the needs of surgeons and anesthesiologists, to best suit the patients.
  • How does this compare to in-network facilities? They’re required by contract to stick to strict HMO guidelines when it comes to where and when surgery takes place, as well as who performs it!
Financial Information | Valley Surgery Center Scottsdale, AZ

Billing Concerns

  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding your bill, please contact us at (480) 579-2060.

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Valley Surgery Center is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and proud to offer patients the highest quality of care in our new state of the art facility. Learn more about Valley Surgery Centersurgeons and anesthesiologists, and please call our office if you have any questions – (480) 579-2060.