Advanced Directive and Living Will


Do you have an existing Advanced Directive and/or a Living Will? If so, please provide a copy to Valley Surgery Center the day of your surgery.


Many people choose to have an Advanced Directive and Living Will drafted for “just in case” scenarios. It can provide incredible peace of mind, particularly if you have a spouse, children, or other loved ones. These legally binding documents will make things easier for them in case of an emergency.


Advanced Directives and Living Wills are for both the patient and whomever they name in these documents. They become part of a patient’s medical records and are a clear way to ensure a patient’s requests are honored in any type of situation when the patient can’t speak for themselves.

Advanced Directive

 Advanced Directives are specifically for end of life care made ahead of time. This legal document tells your family, loved ones, and healthcare professionals exactly what you’d like. This removes any confusion and lets your medical team focus on your wishes.

Living Will

 Living Wills are exceptionally close to Advanced Directives, and the terms are often used interchangeably. However, Living Wills may encompass wishes well beyond medical.


If you have an Advanced Directive or Living Will, or would like to before your surgery, make sure your medical team has copies available. Update them regularly, if applicable, and make sure all your loved ones know about them.

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